The Stigma Of Menstruation

This is an explicit post. However, I have been struggling with this for the past 9 years and I have to voice it out. There were many days where it made me feel like "why am I even born a woman?" Some may agree to this and some may disagree but nevertheless, this is something I feel that I have to voice out. The thoughts have been lurking within me for years and today, I just broke down in tears. 

Question: Why do most Indian parents freak out and make a big issue when they see a menstrual pad or/and becomes extra cautious during the menstruation month?  

I get it. It's not a nice sight to see a pad just lying there but it's wrapped in a paper and plastic. How does it even affect humans or/and the environment? There is global warming, people throw rubbish everywhere, there are still water pollution and air pollution and there are oil leakages almost everywhere in the sea now. Of all things to be worried about in this world, why do they freak out about this? 

We, women, tend to forget too. We forget to throw our pad away and perhaps, take our time to throw it away (the reason why we wrap it in a paper and plastic). Yet when that happens accidentally, they are quick to label it as dirty. They make it seem like being a woman is a curse, like some kind of bad omen every month. 

I feel that this whole “oh it's dirty”, “it's not good for the house”, “the blood is bad”, “it brings bad luck if someone sees it”, “you can't go into the prayer room to pray” is utterly ridiculous.

Question: Why can't I go into the prayer room or temple? Wasn't He the one that made me this way? But I'm too dirty during menstruation to go in to pray?  

Women, were born this way and we didn't ask for it: nobody can justify or argue this fact.

It's natural for us to bleed and it's not dirty. We are not dirty. I'm the type who emphasises the importance of hygiene and cleanliness but I don't support the fact that women are treated like we have some kind of disease. Menstruation is normal. 

Parents should understand that we have our days of exhaustion and tiredness, we tend to forget the uncomfortableness they feel about our menstruation. It's not on purpose and of all people, mothers are supposed to be understanding.

Support your daughters, sisters, friends, girlfriend. Support them instead of putting them down. So what if your sons or the neighbours see it? Instead, teach your sons that this is normal. This is not dirty. You shouldn't make us feel embarrassed and refer to it with so much negativity.

Stop reacting negatively.