Burnt Roti's 2016 PERSON OF THE YEAR

Here at Burnt Roti we believe that giving someone a positive title carries weight. So instead of naming any old asshole 'Person Of The Year', we're awarding the title to someone who has blessed us with positivity and inspiration.

In a world where people are losing hope, we have to look up to someone as a figure of strength and knowledge.

We could think of no other than Harnaam Kaur.


The ongoing battle every woman faces of living up to beauty standards set by the power of the media is exhausting. We're placated into believing that we need to be thin, hairless, fair skinned, have small noses, large breasts and so on. So we shave our legs, we go to the gym and on fad diets, and in some cases, we bleach our skin and get cosmetic surgery.

Women in the South Asian culture tend to be placated further when prepped for domesticity, and being an object of pleasure. When the time comes, then we most look our most desirable - thin, fair and hairless.

Of course these ways of thinking are generations below and somewhat coming to an end, but moving away from that into the larger world, we face the exact same issues. Because there's no escape of the powerful hand of the stubborn man.

Harnaam opens a door for those who want to show that being, and especially feeling beautiful, isn't conducted through tests on how far you would go when waxing your bikini line (just a strip or fully bare, 'what do men like?'), but instead you find it in the ability to take every pound of flesh and measure it against yourself, not someone else. Does this flesh make me feel happy? Then why am I hurting it?

She preaches that it's your choice, no one else's.

In October Harnaam was awarded with the title of 'Youngest Woman To Have A Full Beard' in the Guinness Book Of Records, which she has framed and holds with pride in her own Twitter photo. She walked down the catwalk of a show at London Fashion Week, modelled in Rock 'N Roll Bride Magazine, Urban Bridesmaids, Parallel Magazine and a beard exhibition at Somerset House.

Harnaam is a body positive activist, who is anti bullying and does this all looking fierce.

So this year, in 2016, in a year where everything seems to be going to shit, let's take a moment to proudly recognise Harnaam Kaur as the strong, powerful person she is. Watch her break down gender norms and make you question what beauty really is.