Burnt Roti Issue #0 Launch Party

On Friday 22nd April, Burnt Roti had their launch party for the release of Issue #0 in London. After some panic trying to find the right (and not so racist) venue, we managed to book the basement of The Star of Kings, got an awesome DJ (https://soundcloud.com/manara786) and put together some goodie bags.
The party was amazing, the tunes were BANGING and everyone who came looked beautiful. I didn't have a photographer booked for the night but luckily Aaqib Hussain informed me half way through the night that he had brought his camera! Along with some photos my mum took, you may be able to find yourself in the images below. (Hope you all enjoyed the goodie bags!)

Something that I took from the night was to put on more events. To have live shows with performers, (whether it's poetry, music or dance) so stay tuned and look out for more nights presented by Burnt Roti Magazine.