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Burnt Roti hosts an exhibition of 15 multimedia and 5 spoken word artists, expressing the dual identity of being British and South Asian from the 16th to 22nd August.

 'We are at an exciting time for British Asian artists, politically, emotionally and artistically. This exhibition is a timely celebration of the next generation of Hatecopys and Anish Kapoors and I couldn't be more excited' - Nikesh Shukla, The Good Immigrant

East London's the Old Truman Brewery will be the host to Burnt Roti's 'The Beauty of Being British Asian'. This week long exhibition will showcase the work of 15 British South Asian artists: each have selected a line from writer Nikita Marwaha's essay 'The Beauty of Being British Asian', and are presenting work reflecting how the this line mirrors their life and upbringing. The exhibition will take place in Shop 11 on Drury Lane, Brick Lane, London.

On the 16th, we are hosting the launch party, and we have 5 spoken word artists, who will perform pieces about their dual identity. 

There will be lively music, Indian food with a British twist and drinks, so you can fill your stomach while appreciating the beauty created by each artist.


Usarae Gul - Textile Designer

Kumail Rizvi - Illustrator

Manveer Matharu - Illustrator

Kiran Gidda - Photographer

Sara Gulamali - Mixed Media Artist

Jasmin Sehra - Illustrator

Shaheen Kasmani - Pattern Designer

Krina Chauhan - Photographer

Gurjeet Jheeta  - Illustrator

Sabba Khan - Designer

Raksha Patel - Artist

Preeya Mistry - Graphic Designer

Sanah Khan - Photographer

Soofiya Andry - Illustrator

Jannat Hussain - Visual Artist


Jamal Mehmood

Shagufta Iqbal

Afshan D’souza-Lodhi

Amani Saeed

Zain Haider Awan


Ryan Lanji

This exhibition aims to provide British Asians with a sense of unity in the sometimes odd upbringing from having South Asian values brought into their British childhood.


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