Editor in Chief
Sharan Dhaliwal

Sharan Dhaliwal, after years of working for other agencies and establishments, decided to create a magazine to give South Asians a platform showcasing their talent. With a little help from crowdfunding, she published her first print issue of Burnt Roti magazine in April 2016 and launched the online magazine in May 2016.

She talks on panels, TV, radio, does press interviews and is the creative force behind Burnt Roti. As well as this, she is a video producer and editor, animator, designer, illustrator, social media manager and writer.

Contact her to talk about projects, events, interviews, commissions and ideas.


Essay Editor
Zamira Rahim

Zamira has joined Burnt Roti as a part time essays editor. She's interested in how third culture kids navigate religion, politics and class and in how British Asian identity has evolved across different generations. She loves great books, terrible TV and anything to do with food. 

When not procrastinating on Twitter you can find her writing at The Economist, VICE and CNN International