Sharan Dhaliwal started her business Peatree Productions LTD in 2015 - an animation agency, working with exciting clients to create branded video for their social media channels.

Then one day she decided she wanted to create a magazine, giving South Asians a platform to talk about and showcase talent. And just like that, Burnt Roti was born. With a little help from crowdfunding, a lot of panic and stress, she published her first print issue in April 2016. She launched the online magazine in May 2016 and the YouTube channel has previews of upcoming videos!




Narinder Dhaliwal is the mother of Editor-In-Chief, Sharan Dhaliwal and has volunteered her skills on the promise that she will become incredibly famous. So please, if you ever see her, please yell 'OMG THE FOOD WRITER FROM BURNT ROTI MAGAZINE!!' at her. Thanks.



Kuldip Dhaliwal is the father of Editor-In-Chief, Sharan Dhaliwal and if she didn't give him this space, he would have had a full on strop and she can't handle that right now. Also, you all love him.

He tends to rant on here and helps by inspiring anyone around him.